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Professor Chris Sales

Head Instructor | Rank: 2nd Degree Black Belt

Chris Sales is a well known and highly regarded leader in the Jiu Jitsu community. He began his journey over 20 years ago, influenced by the original Gracie Jiu Jitsu family. Over that time, Chris has competed successfully in state, national and international competitions.

Chris is a Second Degree Black Belt, an honour awarded to him by the legendary Jean Jaques Machado. He has awarded several black belts to his students and assisted many of them to set up their own successful BJJ Academies. In his own Academy, Chris has developed and taught highly effective programs for both adults, women and children. He also shares his real world experience of using Jiu Jitsu in his role as a law enforcement officer, including training people from law enforcement background and people who work in similar industries.

Chris’ passion for Jiu Jitsu has never wavered, nor has his dedication to being a role model for his students, still competing regularly in competition to test his skills. Below is a list of just some of his achievements at Black Belt level. Chris is a dedicated father to four beautiful children who have all grown up on the mats alongside their father.


  • Black Belt 2022 Police Games Champion NSW
  • Black Belt 2022 No Gi Australian Champion
  • Black Belt world Jiu Jitsu Pro Championship Qualifier Gold
  • Multiple time NSW State Champion
  • Black Belt Pan Pacific Champion
  • Black Belt Asian Open Silver Medalist
  • Black Belt WPJJC Sydney Champion
  • Black Belt IBJJF Sydney Open Champion


Mark Bland

Instructor |Black Belt















Coach James Carlin

Assistant Instructor | IV Stripe Purple Belt

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Coach Nathan Sewell

Assitant Instructor | Rank:

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Coach Pedley Smith

Assistant Instructor | Purple Belt

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Peter Bawden

Assistant Instructor | IV Stripe Purple Belt

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